Ashland Independent Productions is Up and Rolling

Marcus Scott on the right and Jim Young on the left in the Streetcar named Inspire.

Ashland Independent Productions is devoted to the promotion of local and regional artists, artisans, and musicians in and around Ashland, Oregon, as well as the production of events and marketing opportunities that advance a new paradigm of economics that supports local and regional art, craft, and music. Through the enhancement of existing venues, as well as the creation of new venues, Ashland Independent Productions is pushing the cutting edge of what it means to be a self-sustaining, independent artist, musician, farmer, or artisan. If you are working for yourself in a way that benefits our community while doing no harm to our mother Earth, and you want an advocate, look no further than Ashland Independent Productions and its owner, Marcus Scott.

I have been meaning to get this company up and rolling for about half a decade. It has just been sitting in the back of my mind, resting until the time was right. The time is now and I am going full speed ahead into an expansion of what it takes to make our world into the a better place. My focus is simple, turn it up a notch, raise the levels so that the artists, musicians, and performers of our region and beyond can thrive rather than just survive. My company, Ashland Independent Productions, will be devoting the biggest part of its energy into making Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, Oregon a destination, a place you simply must check out because the art, craft, and music scene is so rich.

Ashland Independent Productions is working on a couple of new ideas for art and music events in the near future so stay tuned for updates. I am also for hire to help make your art, craft, or music event into a success. I am also available on a case by case basis to help individual artists find their voice on the world wide web. I can help you promote your micro-business with website design, social media marketing, online stores, and just about whatever your creative mind/heart desires. Go to my contact page, fill out the contact form, and I will get back to you within 48 hours to get the conversation rolling.

I am excited to launch this new endeavor and it just seems appropriate to do so in the auspicious year of 2012. Remember, support local, it matters.