I, Marcus Scott, have been actively creating art and music events for almost 15 years. I have served as President, Treasurer, and Secretary for the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland. I was one of the founders of MidSummer’s Dream Art and Music Festival which is held annually at the Briscoe ArtWing park-like grounds at 265 North Main Street in Ashland, Oregon. I was the founder of a series of indoor events which take place at the Briscoe ArtWing in December called Holiday Market. I also created a Valentines event called HeartFest which takes place the weekend before Valentines Day in February.

After many years of working within the structure of Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, and the Lithia Arts Guide of Oregon, I have decided to branch out and create my own production company called Ashland Independent Productions. I will be striving to enhance current art, craft, and music venues, as well as create new venues for our artist community.

I am honored that Lithia Artisans Market has decided to employ the services of Ashland Independent Productions to help manage and enhance the promotion of the market. I am hopeful that this arrangement will increase the visibility, viability, and vitality of Lithia Artisans Market. Ashland Independent Productions (AIP) will also continue to work on Holiday Market, Christmas Faire, MidSummer’s Dream Art and Music Festival, and HeartFest. Other event ideas are in the works, and I offer my services to anyone out there who wishes to co-create venues, events, or web presence that enriches self-sustaining, creative enterprises.

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